Solo Show
2018  Salon de Refuse, Paddington Conservative Club, London

Group Shows
2024  Drawn Without Looking, Paul Stolper Gallery, London (as part of Hard Art Collective)
2023  You May Find Yourself, Koppel X, London (as part of Ocean Rebellion Collective)
2023  Bring your own Self-Portrait, Paddington Conservative Club, London
2021  Towards the water, Ecotone, Dunoon
2019  Square2, Studio Ex Purgamento, London
2019  Black Pyramid, Trafalgar Sq, October Rebellion, London
2019  Portable Pond, Waterloo Bridge, April Rebellion, London
2013  Works on paper, Kings Bench Gallery, London
2009  Flood and Portable Pond, Show and Tell, Paddington Conservative Club, London
2007  Art Holes series, Objets Troués, Kensington Gardens, London

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